Introduction to Vooka


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Introduction to Vooka

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Vooka is Kenya's DIY eCommerce was established in November 2020 with the aim and vision to make it easy for businesses to create an eCommerce website in a matter of minutes without the complexity that comes from working directly with developers to create a website. Vooka is here to ensure that businesses around Africa and the world are successful at creating, growing and sustaining great eCommerce website using our solutions. With this mission, we believe we can support a viable, entrepreneurial ecosystem for Africa.

Why we built vooka

The amount of time and cost of setting up an eCommerce website is high. This makes it challenging for small businesses to successfully develop and manage their own eCommerce websites. 

Vooka is a cost effective solution that comes in to solve this problem by reducing the amount of time needed to develop an eCommerce website down to a matter of minutes. Vooka has been set up to target individual sellers, small and medium enterprises or any retail and wholesale online business that would like to set up their own unique online store.

A web platform where businesses can set up a fully functional website without any design skills or programming knowledge. 

Why use Vooka

  • Create a professional,  website in minutes
  • Sell on Amazon: A streamlined, native integration with Amazon lets you reach shoppers on the world’s largest marketplace (US merchants only)
  • Sell on Instagram and facebook: Add shoppable product tags to your Instagram posts and let users view and order products right from their Instagram account
  • Edit invoices: Customize the design and content of your invoice template with things like company and order details
  • Order management: Manually create orders for offline sales and manage existing orders in your control panel: update order status, review order details, filter orders, update order and customer information, add tracking info, etc.
  • SEO fields for products: Create product titles and meta descriptions for search engines
  • Automatic tax calculations: Automatically calculate up-to-date standard tax rates


Before the advent of the internet and e-commerce, yard sales and newspapers were the only places where you could sell your stuff without owning a storefront. Now, with all of the different selling websites and apps available, anybody can make extra cash selling just about anything, without having to leave your house.

Online selling has completely changed the way we think about starting a business. And there’s a good reason why: 63 percent of shopping journeys start online, making online sites an increasingly lucrative option for selling your own products.

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